Empathize with people's dreams, pains and desires is an art and as User Experience and Interface Designer I seek to understand their deepest desire and take them to the center of the product construction process.

This is Jimena. She is a young talent who knows how to work very well on pressure and focused on results. One thing that is important to highlight is her ability to learn on various subjects, she is a versatile professional with a great ability to adapt to the business needs.
Iris Meza, Customer Service Manager at The Coca-Cola Company

My favourite tools

My name, Jimena, is originally from Spain with Arab influences and it means "the ones who listens". What I think that is very interested about, it's that I really love to observe and listen to people and learn from their experiences. This is one of the things that led me to become UX|UI Designer.

In love for UX|UI Design

I am graduated in business management, specialist in financial management, auditing and controllership. Most of my profissional life was working for NGOs for causes that I believe, but in 2019 I decided that it was the right moment to go deeper in my career and work close to people understanding theirs needs and pains, therefore understand their motivation.

So after almost 6 months of retreating myself, my desires, my pains, my needs and my dreams, I decided to go deeper into the business world, but focusing on the Human-Centered Design (HCD) approach. It was love at the first sight for UX|UI Design. In 2020 I joined Ironhack São Paulo in the full-time UX|UI Design Bootcamp looking for another level of expertise.

Today my main goal is to build bridges between people and products through the Design Thinking methodology, HCD approach and to balance users' needs with the business feasibility to develop the desired product. Making of this interaction a win-win relationship.

My Roots

I am originally from Peru and moved to Brazil when I was only 6 years old. I love the amazing mix of influences that I have from both cultures and all the amazing experiences of traveling abroad. I am a travel lover and a food lover, trying flavors and living experiences is a great way to observe and learn about people's behaviours.I was born in Lima, a city in the Pacific cost of Peru, but most of my life I have lived in the Brazilian Amazon, which made me love nature and outdoor activities.

Since 12 years old I am volunteer for NGOs, I have volunteered for Leo Club (group for young people part of the Lions Club, on organization with the purpose of Promote the principles of good government and good citizenship), Doctors Without Borders, International Amnesty, local NGOs and Greenpeace. All this experiences made me strongly believe in a fare and inclusive society were we explore technology to use better our scarce resources and time.

Nowadays time is definitely one of the most valuable assets that we have and for me it is very important to make the best of it. Specially to spend it with my family, doing what I enjoy, eating as a goodness and visiting beautiful places. Events like birthdays and Christmas are really important to me, it is usually when I can reconnect with my roots, my personal values, and my beloved ones. All this is essential to keep my balance and allow me to focus on what I must do to reach success in my life as a woman, professional, partner, daughter, sister, untie, good-mother, and all the different me.

My Hobbies

One of my favorite hobbies is cooking, I enjoy playing with spices and textures, but I can only do that on weekends or holidays, usually during the week I already have my meals done. That's another thing about me, I love practicality, and who doesn't, right? Of course, Peruvian cuisine is the number one for me, but since I believe that you need to try something at least once before giving an opinion, I am always open to try new flavors. Even weird things like coconut larvae, giant ants, nettle, or alligator meat, all of them delicious by the way.I also love reading, I can spend hours laying in a hammock enjoying a good story.

On the literature field one of my favourite books is Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne, I read it for the first time when I was 19 years old and I learn a lot from it. I remember that I only read this book in my room because I wanted to follow the story on the world map and I use to have one world map in my room. There are many great books that I loved, I can go on and on talking about them, so let's just say that a good book is great gift for me! And outdoor activities can't stay out of my top three list. I am a day-person and a beautiful sunny day with a deep blue sky makes me recharge my batteries. So doesn't matter if I just lay in the grass reading or if I am jogging in the park, what I need is to be free of walls, connected with the nature and disconnected of the digital world.

In the end, what matters is that I believe in enjoying every kind of experience and always try to live the moment and don't regret it in the future because I just didn't try something.

We practice Ethical Design.