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This project was a challenge to think about wellness, many people think that wellness is only about physical and mental health, but it doesn't. Wellness is a holistic view of the human well-being and goes widely on different aspects of our daily life.
In my project I decided to go for a more holistic view to understand how financial wellness impact the human being from the bottom of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs level, physiological and safety needs based on financial needs.

2 Weeks   |   Individual   |   São Paulo - Brazil

In the scope of the challenge was clear that a feature/functionality to include was open for proposals from the designer. As this was an MVP for a competition, the app should not try to solve all of the wellness issues people have at the same time. Each design should focus on ONE aspect of wellness. The fiel I choose to work was defined, Financial Wellness, it was time to understand the issue, stakeholders involved and of course what was exactly the user's pain.

The final prototype should consist of:

- Profile and goals
- The main user flow for the main feature of the application

Must Have:
- Users need to be able to set up their profile to include important information relevant to their goals
- Users need to be able to set goals and track their progress
- Users need to be able to share their status with their wellness coaches

Nice to Have:
- Educational component to find a way for users to stay informed throughout the process and understand why they are doing financial management and how it will affect their well-being.
- On boarding
- Login
- Sign-up
- Account/User Management - change password, personal info etc.


1. Visual Identity
2. Style Guide
3. Hi-Fidelity Prototype


1. Figma
2. Adobe Illustrator
3. Midmap


1. Navegable Hi-Fi Prototype

So I follow the Design Thinking methodology and started collecting information from primary and secondary sources to understand better the wellness market, them I went deep into the financial wellness market to collect information on how governments, employers, financial advisors/coach and people from different generations see and understand how financial issues are connected to people's mental and physical health. For that I also ran two surveys and interviews focusing on the final users and financial professionals or advisors to collect information direct from potencial users.

Important information collected was organised and classified in the affinity diagrama. Relevant information like how different generations deal with money issues brought insights and helped to build the primary Persona, also putted spotlight on some keywords: autonomy, customisation, integration, independency, time and freedom.

Those words are about users's desires and pains. All information collected was use to built the primary persona: Karina, a Millennial that want to have full management over her costs, investments, bank accounts, credit cards and deep down to have financial stability aiming to enjoy better her time and freedom to live experiences that she values, like travelling, studying abroad, expending time with her beloved ones or just relaxing and reading.

The information collected plus the primary persona were fundamental define the problem statement:

The financial wellness app was developed to optimize and streamline user's financial management in a more holistic way. I noted that financial management apps available do not meet the requirements of users who want to maximize the time spent on financial management, provide consistent data for the financial adviser and have more money to feel safe, independent and with financial freedom what causes for users difficult to share their financial data with their financial advisor and more time spent on financial management because of the number of apps (banks accounts, investment accounts, credit cards, etc.) that the user needs to access its data and the lack of confidence in security of the apps available that promise to integrate everything in only one app.

How can we improve the user experience in the integration of information from different sources, generating a broad view of their financial situation and in the sharing data relationship with their financial advisor so that users feel more satisfied and safe, considering metrics of user's debt reduction and user's equity evolution?

Next step was work in the use cases, develop the product definition, define what was priority and define the MVP (Minimum Viable Product):

App for the primary persona, focused on financial management aiming integration of finance accounts (banks accounts, investments accounts and credit cards).

Success metrics
1. Equity evolution and debt reduction of users

App features
1. Integration with bank accounts
2. integration with investment accounts
3. Credit card integration
4. Setup of personalised goals
5. Automatic classification by expense and revenue categories
6. Customised classification by expense and revenue categories
7. Setting up custom alerts - spending limits, salaries, etc.
8. Spreadsheet generation - Revenue vs Spending | Recipes | Spending | Equity Situation
9. Additional content such as educational suggestions (used as a source for collecting behavioural data)
10. Access to financial news trough integration with main financial media.
11. Profile area - advanced data sharing settings with financial advisor, personal setups and security options

With the MVP defined I focused on work simultaneously on User flow, App map and Information Architecture to sketch the low-fidelity prototype and test it. It tock me some time to run some tests and define what should stay, what was missed and what could be better. All this was about usability.

On the other hand I was working on the app's aesthetics , searching for inspiration and defining name, logo and style. As final result I developed the mood board: a young, strong, stylish, connected and forceful translation of a user that is a Millennial full of wishes and liveliness. One of the reasons I chose to work with dark mode was the amount of numbers, graphics and icons.

The name in Portuguese means My Financial Assets. I did a kind of word puzzle with the word "meu" that means "my", but only "eu" means "I". So the idea was that the user takes accountability for how s/he manages its financial assets.

Finally I develop the Style Guide that included logo/brand definitions, colours, shadows, buttons, typography, inputs, form elements, navbar, cards and text fields. I develop the high-fidelity prototype focusing on the on boarding process and a general overview of the main functionalities.
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